Who We Are

Amerck Technologies is an innovative Software design and development company that believes in next generation solutions. We are pioneers of tailor made solutions to fit into your organizational practice; across healthcare, retail, hospitality, tourism, and finance industries around North America, Europe, and Sri Lanka. Furthermore, our innovation center designs and develops new products and services to enhance the quality and performance of existing organizational practices while incorporating latest intelligent technology based solutions to smoothen any business process.

Think differently with our innovative solutions...
  • Custom made web solutions improves availability around the globe 24/7
  • Smart software systems to help automate most of your manual tasks
  • Think differently with real time data analytics and predictions

Amerck Geekz

Team Member 1

Ishara Riyal

Making sure optimum cost, time, and quality of products that get cooked at Amerck is my responsibility.

Team Member 2

Faizan Farook

Being a part of great things is what I always wanted to do, here I am at Amerck doing it!

Team Member 3

Rangi Uthpala

Creative eye is what it takes for best designs, and that's what I am at Amerck...       

Team Member 1

Anosha Surangi

Playing with the numbers is as sophisticated as technology. I am just making it simpler here...

Team Member 2

Sachith Venura

Walking the path first is what it takes to be a great leader. Hunger for new technology revolutionize what gets cooked in Amerck with the touch of innovation.

To become a Leading IT Service providers in the Global Business Community.
To provide High Quality Information Technology Services and to ensure Customer’s Satisfaction.

Quick info

we are currently engaged in developing the best software solution adhering to health care standards and best practices.

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